Table 2

Levels of analysis for data from consent forms, from Sandelowski and Barroso17

Topical survey (initial codes)Thematic summary
Description of procedure(s)
Offering additional procedures
Recommending additional procedures
The role of consent forms in describing the proposed procedure, offering other procedures and documenting options for treatment.
Eliciting health details
Outlining risks of GA
Outlining risks of surgery
Listing postoperative complications
Listing requirements for aftercare
Referring to uncertainty of outcome
The role of the form in conveying the risks and benefits of proposed treatment.
Estimating costs
Contracting for payment
Charging for additional services
Referring to payment for unexpected outcomes
The role of the form in evidencing a financial contract.
Confirming ownership or authorised agency
Confirming consent
Seeking consent for unspecified procedures/unlicensed drugs
Confirming understanding
The role of the form in authorising treatment.