Table 7

Confirming authority to consent

Sample textSource
“I am the owner or I am acting with the full knowledge and authority of the owner”.CF29
“I am the owner or agent of the above animal and have the authority to give this consent. I am over 18 years of age”.CF23
“I have read and understood this form and hereby voluntarily give my consent”.CF12
“I understand that it may be necessary to use an unlicenced (sic) drug during the above procedure. I do/do not give my consent”.CF15
“I understand that there may be occasions when it will be necessary to use medicines which, while not specifically authorized for the treatment of this species, may be used legally when justified clinically. I have been made aware, and accept, that there may be unknown side-effects associated with the use of such medicines in this species, and I consent to their use”.CF42
“I hereby give consent to and authorise the performance of such procedures as are necessary and desirable in the exercise of the veterinary surgeon's professional judgement”.CF23
“…. if I can't be contacted the Veterinary Surgeon will act in the best interests of my animal. I accept this may incur additional costs”.CF29
“Declaration by Veterinary Surgeon: I confirm I have explained the risks of the anaesthetic and procedure in terms that I judged were understood by the owner/authorised agent”.CF31