Table 5

Geographical variations in pet food purchases, as percentage of pet owners in each region, based on an online pet owner questionnaire on pet feeding practices

Pet storeSupermarketOnlineVeterinarianDirect from manufacturer
Global (n=3505)1845531085311061303459.850314
Australia (n=249)12952a 13353a 5221a 3815a 2811a
Canada (n=388)24663b 7620b 205.2b 7419a 379.5a
New Zealand (n=169)5432c 8047a 3420a 6941b 4225b
UK (n=820)34242d 31639c 33941c 192.3c 16720b
USA (n=1421)78255a 33924b 42730d 936.5c 1399.8a
  • Columns without a common superscript letter differ significantly from each other at the 0.05 level based on chi-square analysis. Note that the categories ‘raw’ and ‘homemade’ can overlap if a diet is both raw and homemade.