Table 4

Geographical variations in PET diets, as percentage of respondents in each region, based on an online pet owner questionnaire on pet feeding practices

Conventional inclusiveConventional exclusiveHomemade inclusiveHomemade exclusiveRaw inclusiveRaw exclusive
Global (n=2910)230179.138113.1184763.52057.0193266.42689.2
Australia (n=189)13269.8a 63.2a 11259.3a,b,c 3216.9a 16788.4a 3216.9a
Canada (n=355)26775.2a,b 6217.5b,c 20758.3b,c 226.2b,c 18552.1b 277.6b
New Zealand (n=130)10278.5a,b,c 2620.0c 7154.6c 32.3d 9170.0c 1612.3c
UK (n=609)45875.2a,b 7913.0b 39164.2a,b,d 294.8c 40266.0c 67 11c
USA (n=1295)107783.2c 19715.2b,c 83364.3a 977.5b 80862.4c 937.2b
Global (n=1542)139090.148831.670345.6563.681252.7946.1
Australia (n=124)10181.5a 1612.9a 5544.4a,b 129.7a 10483.9a 1915.3a
Canada (n=144)12586.8a,b 6243.1b 5437.5b 53.5b 4430.6b 106.9b
New Zealand (n=103)9794.2b 4543.7b 3534.0b 11.0b 5048.5b,c 54.9b
UK (n=335)30591.0b 10731.9c 18454.9c 103.0b 13740.9b 185.4b
USA (n=633)58091.6b 23336.8b,c 27743.8a,b 203.2b 31149.1c 294.6b
  • Columns without a common superscript letter differ significantly from each other at the 0.05 level based on chi-square analysis. Note that the categories 'raw' and 'homemade' can overlap if a diet is both raw and homemade.