Table 4

Differences between groups in FCSI score by testing times

Estimate of difference in FCSI scorese95% CIP value
Difference between groups at baselineSTIF v OTHER95.215.264.9125.5<0.001*
STIF v CTRL137.617.6102.5172.8<0.001*
OTHER v CTRL42.419.*
Difference between groups at six weeks from baselineSTIF v OTHER70.416.936.8103.9<0.001*
STIF v CTRL92.618.256.5128.7<0.001*
OTHER v CTRL22.220.7−18.963.30.287
Difference between groups at 10 weeks from baselineSTIF v OTHER29.917.4−4.564.30.088
STIF v CTRL57.918.321.694.30.002*
OTHER v CTRL28.020.4−12.668.70.174
  • *Denotes significance.

  • CI, confidence interval; CTRL, control dogs with no known musculoskeletal disease; FCSI, Finnish Canine Stifle Index; OTHER, dogs with some musculoskeletal disease other than stifle dysfunction; STIF, dogs with any stifle dysfunction.