Table 5

‘At discharge, what ORAL analgesic drug(s) would you usually prescribe for the following surgical procedures?’ and ‘Following the previous question, please indicate the ORAL analgesic treatment course that you prescribe for the following surgical procedures’: N/n, Bup, Car, Mel, Tra

Surgical proceduresN/nOral analgesic drugs givenTreatment course in days
OVH262/333MelMel and TraBupOthers12–45–77+
Per cent87.
Per cent84.
Coronal reduction of cheek teeth172/330MelMel and TraBupCarTraOthers12–45–77+
Per cent85.
Surgical removal of abscess251/330MelMel and TraBupCarTraOthers12–45–77+
Per cent86.
Incisors removal252/304MelMel and TraCarTraOthers12–45–77+
Per cent805.
Lumpectomy239/325MelMel and TraBupCarTraOthers12–45–77+
Per cent87.
Cystotomy245/285MelMel and TraBupCarTraOthers12–45–77+
Per cent74.342.
Exploratory laparotomy251/292MelMel and TraBupCarOthers12–45–77+
Per cent73.
Orthopaedic surgery224/235MelMel and TraBupTraCarOthers12–45–77+
Per cent53.
  • Bup, Buprenorphine oral trans-mucosal route; Car, Carprofen; Mel, Meloxicam; N/n, N respondents prescribing analgesia/n of respondent performing the procedure; OVH, ovariohysterectomy; Tra, Tramadol.