Table 3

Physiological and behavioural indicators considered reliable by the respondents to assess pain in rabbits

ParametersFrequency (n)First (per cent)Second (per cent)Third (per cent)
Decreased food intake2233319.511.5
Abnormal posturing15317.213.513.2
Grinding teeth14513.21612.3
Reluctance to move13613.512.612.9
Closed or semiclosed eyes7666.39.5
Decreased faecal output561.77.46.9
Increased heart rate492.65.26.3
Hunched back390.64.36.3
Increased respiratory rate362.63.24.6
Holding the ears flat against the head3322.35.2
Hiding behaviour271.72.63.4
Loss of bodyweight241.13.42.3
Aggression towards handlers90.91.7
Drinking more40.60.6
Increased blood pressure20.30.3
Increased body temperature20.6
Thumping the hind feet10.3
Running away when approached10.3
  • *Response to analgesia, abnormal behaviour, self-mutilation, vocalisation, twitching, shuffling, loss of nose twitching.