Table 6

‘If you use meloxicam in rabbits undergoing routine surgical procedures (surgical treatment of abscesses, lumpectomy, castration and ovariohysterectomy), what dosage do you routinely administer for both the parenteral and oral route?’

Parenteral routeOral route
Dosage (mg/kg)PercentageDosage (mg/kg)Percentage
0.636.00.6 SID29.8
0.320.90.3 SID18.9 BID11.7
110.90.6 BID10.9 SID7.2 BID5.4
20.31 SID5.2
0.10.31 BID3.2
0.1 SID3.2
0.1 BID2.0
  • BID, two times a day; SID, once a day.