Table 1

List of variables considered in the analysis

Variable categoryVariableLevels/range
SheepSheep categoryEwe (1 year and older)
Lamb (younger than 1 year)
FarmPasture lengthShort: up to 5 cm
Medium: 6–10 cm
Long: longer than 10 cm
Pasture typeForage crop
New leys
Flock size (class)I: up to 50 sheep
II: 51–100 sheep
III: 101–200 sheep
IV: 201–400 sheep
EnvironmentSeasonalityAutumn (Sep/Oct/Nov)
Spring (Mar/Apr/May)
Summer (Jun/Jul/Aug)
Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Topography (altitude)0–250 m
Chemical soil condition: Se concentration0.2–1.3 mg kg−1
Bedrock type (rock classification scheme)Limestone with subordinate sandstone and argillaceous rocks (LSSA)
Mudstone, siltstone and sandstone (MDSS)
Mudstone, siltstone, limestone and sandstone (MSLS)
Sandstone, limestone and argillaceous rocks (SLAR)
ClimatePrecipitation: 14-day rolling average0–8.5 mm
Minimum temperature: 3-day rolling average−5 to 16°C
Maximum temperature: 3-day rolling average3–26°C