Table 1

Study schedule

VisitScreeningBaselineVisit 1Visit 2Visit 3Visit 4Visit 5Visit 6Visit 7Visit 8
Study Day–15/4–3/103*7*14*28*§42*56*70*
Informed consent
Medical history
Clinical examination●†●†●†
Radiographic examination●†●†●†
Complete blood count and serum chemistry●†●†●†
Qualitative Baermann
Quantitative Baermann●†●†●†
PCR faeces●†●†●†
PCR pharyngeal swabs
Parasiticide treatment-●‡●‡
  • *A visit window of ±2 days was permitted for Visit 2 to follow-up.

  • †For cats belonging to the Treatment group.

  • ‡Rescue treatment for cats belonging to the Control group.

  • §End of the study for cats belonging to the Control group.