Table 2

Frequency of clinical, laboratory and radiographic abnormalities in 17 cats infected with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus at referral

Clinical signs and history complaintsN (%)Laboratory abnormalitiesN (%)Radiographic patternsN (%)
Coughing13 (76.5)Hypoalbuminaemia9 (52.9)Interstitial and bronchial10 (58.8)
Bronchovesicular lung sounds12 (70.6)Anaemia5 (29.4)Interstitial4 (23.5)
Tachypnoea10 (58.8)Increased ALT5 (29.4)Bronchial1 (5.9)
Crackles7 (41.2)Neutrophilia3 (17.6)Alveolar and bronchial1 (5.9)
Decreased activity6 (35.3)Increased AST1 (5.9)Alveolar and interstitial1 (5.9)
Pale mucosae5 (29.4)Lymphocytosis1 (5.9)
Oculonasal discharge4 (23.5)Lymphopenia1 (5.9)
Wheezes sound4 (23.5)Eosinophilia1 (5.9)
Hyporexia3 (17.6)Eosinopenia1 (5.9)
Weight loss1 (5.9)Monocytosis1 (5.9)
Sneezing1 (5.9)
  • ALT, alanine aminotransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; N, number of observations.