Table 2

Characteristics of 100 dog owners in feeding their dogs, and measuring their dog’s food and their own food (numerical variations due to missing values)

VariableFrequency (%)
Person in household primarily responsible for feeding dog (n=86)
 Participant’s partner12.8
 Another adult in the household5.8
 Teenager in the household1.2
 A child less than 12 in the household0
Whether dogs received meals or were free fed* (n=100)
 Meal fed84.0
 Free fed16.0
Measuring devices currently used for dog’s food† (n=100)
 Measuring cup61.0
 Other cup12.0
 Food scoop17.0
 Food bowl10.0
 Gram scale2.0
 No device used2.0
Measuring devices participants used to measure their own food† (n=99)
 Measuring spoons50.1
 Measuring cups72.7
 Gram scale20.2
  • *Original survey question asked participants to list how many meals per day the dog received.

  • †Participants could select more than one option, resulting in an overall percentage greater than 100%.