Table 5

Percentage proportion of respondents using various hands-on and electronic monitoring techniques, in their healthy compared to their sick patients

Monitoring techniqueHealthySick
Mucous membrane colour9698
Capillary refill time9193
Respiratory rate9999
Pulse quality5973
Palpebral reflex9092
Eye position9595
Jaw tone8989.0
Pulse oximetry8490.0
Non-invasive blood pressure (Oscillometric)3643
Non-invasive blood pressure (Doppler)2642
Oesophageal stethoscope6677
Manual pulse rate5467
Heart rate using a stethoscope8588
Invasive blood pressure (arterial line)39
  • Numbers represent percentage (%) of total respondent choices (VS n=136, RVN n=307, SVN n=81).

  • RVN, registered veterinary nurse; SVN, student veterinary nurse; VS, veterinary surgeon.