Table 7

Data gathered from additional comments left by respondents after thematic analysis

Recurrent themesFrequency of mentionsQuotes
There is enthusiasm to improve standards of anaesthetic monitoring via further training/CPD15‘Head nurse passionate for high standards and keen to teach’,
‘anaesthesia should be continually studied’
Further training should be compulsory, more accessible and affordable8‘CPD on anaesthetic monitoring should be freely available’
Personnel involved in anaesthetic monitoring struggle using and interpreting various monitoring modalities8‘Able to read the monitor but not interpret the results’
Good quality training is paramount8‘Anaesthetic monitoring is something I’ve never completely understood’
Higher authorities in the workplace prevent improvement/advancement in monitoring6‘There needs to be intervention from the management team’,
‘trying to initiate change makes you very unpopular’
Standard of monitoring can vary widely between staff and practices5‘Variation in abilities between staff members’
There is often a lack of monitoring equipment in practices5‘Our practice does not possess electronic monitoring equipment’
Standard of monitoring anaesthesia in general practice needs improving4‘No official requirements allows monitoring to be done so badly’
Undertrained personnel are monitoring anaesthesia in general practice3‘Glorified receptionists allowed to do a RVNs job’
Expressions of appreciation of the value of RVN monitoring anaesthesia3‘There is no substitute for a well-trained nurse’
Advancement in monitoring is limited by shortages of money3‘We would like to buy a multi-parameter monitor when finances allow’,
‘finances are a huge factor’
Requests for official recognition for RVN with advance monitoring skills3‘Anaesthetic standards could be raised by developing a recognised specialism for RVN’s’, ‘More responsibility’
Pre-anaesthetic and post-anaesthetic monitoring should be emphasised more1‘More emphasis on pre- and post-op monitoring’
Advancement in monitoring is limited by shortages of staff1‘Staff cuts has had a huge impact’
  • CPD, continued professional development; RVN, registered veterinary nurse.