Table 3

Prevalence of the most common disorders at a fine level of diagnostic precision recorded in rabbits (n=2506) attending primary-care veterinary practices in England participating in the VetCompass programme from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Fine-level precisionCountOverall (%)95% CIFemale (%)Male (%)P valueMedian age (years)
Overgrown claw/nails40016.014.5 to 17.514.317.40.0413.6
Overgrown molar(s)1907.66.6 to<0.0014.4
Perineal soiling1134.53.7 to
Overgrown incisor(s)1084.33.5 to
Ileus1044.23.4 to
Overweight/obesity923.73.0 to
Anorexia722.92.3 to
Myiasis (flystrike)512.01.5 to
Nasolacrimal duct abnormality—dacryocystitis502.01.5 to
Haircoat disorder—matted fur461.81.3 to
Mite infestation461.81.3 to
Underweight/weight loss461.81.3 to
Diarrhoea451.81.3 to
Skin disorder—dermatitis451.81.3 to
Bite injury431.71.2 to
Upper respiratory tract disorder431.71.2 to
Dental disease—malocclusion401.61.1 to
Head tilt391.61.1 to
Conjunctivitis371.51.0 to
Ocular discharge351.41.0 to
Cheyletiellosis311.20.8 to
Wound injury291.20.8 to
Skin disorder—alopecia281.10.7 to
Dental disease251.00.6 to
  • The P value reflects testing of the prevalence difference between females and males using the chi-squared test.

  • CI, confidence interval.