Table 4

Prevalence of the most common disorders at a grouped level of diagnostic precision recorded in rabbits (n=2506) attending primary-care veterinary practices in England participating in the VetCompass programme from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Grouped level precisionCountOverall (%)95% CIFemale (%)Male (%)P valueMedian age
Dermatological50520.218.6 to 21.819.221.10.234*3.7
Oral27210.99.7 to<0.001*4.3
Gastrointestinal/abdominal2389.58.4 to 10.710.29.10.334*4.0
Ocular1827.36.3 to*5.0
Parasitic1787.16.1 to*4.2
Behavioural1305.24.4 to*4.1
Trauma994.03.2 to*2.0
Respiratory933.73.0 to*3.4
Overweight/obesity923.73.0 to*3.4
Neurological743.02.3 to*4.4
Iatrogenic642.62.0 to*2.4
Mass-associated542.21.6 to*5.8
Weight loss/underweight512.01.5 to*4.9
Abscess471.91.4 to*4.8
Renal/urinary451.81.3 to*4.2
Musculoskeletal431.71.2 to*5.9
Auditory251.00.6 to*5.5
Infection190.80.5 to*2.2
Cardiovascular160.60.4 to*5.5
Neoplasia140.60.3 to*8.6
Reproductive60.20.1 to†2.9
Hepatic40.20.1 to†2.5
Soft tissue20.10.0 to†5.6
Congenital10.00.0 to†1.0
  • The P value reflects testing of the prevalence difference between females and males using the chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact test as indicated.

  • *Chi-squared test.

  • †Fisher’s exact test.

  • CI, confidence interval.