Table 2

Multivariable Cox proportional hazards regression results for risk factors associated with death (all-cause mortality) among dogs diagnosed with hyperadrenocorticism at primary care veterinary practices in England (n=206)

VariableHR95% CIVariable P value*
Bodyweight (kg)
 ≥151.511.06 to 2.15
Age at diagnosis (years)
 10 to <131.701.14 to 2.54
 ≥133.742.29 to 6.09
Changes to trilostane
 No changeBaseline-0.015
 Increased0.490.32 to 0.76
 Decreased0.780.44 to 1.38
 Stopped0.720.44 to 1.16
Clinic IDLRT of theta=0.023
  • *LRT P value.

  • LRT, likelihood ratio test.