Table 4 Responses to the question ’Which vaccines do you use?'
Name of vaccine(s) usedPercentage (number) of farms
Diseases the vaccine is intended to prevent
Guidair (CZ vaccines)56.5% (26)Johne’s disease.
Lambivac (MSD Animal Health)82.6% (38)Clostridial enterotoxaemia.
Covexin (Zoetis)2.2% (1)Clostridial enterotoxaemia.
Bravoxin (MSD Animal Health)2.2% (1)Clostridial enterotoxaemia.
Enzovac (MSD Animal Health)19.6% (9)Enzootic abortion.
Cevac Chlamydia (Ceva Animal Health Ltd)6.5% (3)Enzootic abortion.
Toxovac (MSD Animal Health Ltd)26% (12)Toxoplasmosis.
Coxevac (Ceva Animal Health Ltd)8.7% (4)Q fever.
Ovipast (MSD Animal Health)13% (6)Pasteurellosis.
Heptavac P Plus (MSD Animal Health)17.4% (8/46)Clostridial enterotoxaemia and pasteurellosis.
Glanvac (Zoetis)4.3% (2/46)Caseous lymphadenitis.
Glanvac 3 (Zoetis)2.2% (1/46)Caseous lymphadenitis and clostridial enterotoxaemia.