Table 2

Characteristics of survey respondents

CharacteristicVariablen (%)
GenderMale91 (30.64%)
Female206 (69.36%)
Area of practiceGeneral practice47 (15.82%)
Internal medicine141 (47.47%)
Emergency and critical care89 (29.97%)
Other*20 (6.73%)
Completed internship/postgraduate trainingYes246 (82.83%)
No51 (17.17%)
Age (years)Median41±36–51.5 (25–68)
Graduation yearMedian2002±1992–2007
  • For continuous data, values are reported as median±IQR (range).

  • *Written responses for respondents that reported ‘other’ for area of practice include military service, cardiology, soft tissue surgery, academia, neurology, industry, oncology, exotic/zoo animal and preventive medicine.