Table 2

Clinical findings of limb pathologies in cattle of groups LOC1 and LOC2. The clinical examination was used as the gold standard for group allocation

Group LOC1Group LOC2
Pathological findingsOsteitis of P3 (12), tendovaginitis of ‘CDFTS’ (7), BA (3), fracture of P3 (3), DS (3), SU (2), septic arthritis of ‘DIJ’ (2), claw horn fissure (2), IP (2), WLA (2), WLD (2), IP (1), osteoarthritis of the fetlock joint (1) and phlegmon in the area of the fetlock (1)Septic arthritis of ‘TTJ’ (6), cortical sequestrum of metatarsus III/IV (2), osteoarthrosis of ‘TTJ’ (2), osteoarthrosis of ‘TMJ’ (1), septic synovitis of common tendon sheath of tibialis caudalis and flexor digitalis longus muscle (1), epiphysitis of metatarsus III/IV (1), soft tissue swelling lateral to the hock joint (1), rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament (3), septic arthritis of the medial femorotibial joint (1), septic coxarthritis (1), soft tissue swelling distal to the stifle joint (1) fracture of os ilium (1)
  • BA, bulb abscess; CDFTS, common digital flexor tendon sheath; DIJ, distal interphalangeal joint; DS, double sole; IP, interdigital phlegmon; SU, sole ulcer; TMJ, tarsometatarsal joint; TTJ, tibiotarsal joint; WLA, white-line abscess; WLD, white-line disease.