Table 4

Percentage and number (in parentheses) of pen-based oral fluid samples positive by nested-PCR for M. hyopneumoniae

Herd A
Age (weeks)abcdP valuea–c (NV)b–d (V)P* value
Nursery period4100.0 (2/2)0.0 (0/2)0.0 (0/2)0.0 (0/2)N/A†50.0 (2/4)0.0 (0/4)0.429
Herd B
Age (weeks)abcdP valuea–c (NV)b–d (V)P* value
Nursery period50.0 (0/9)0.0 (0/7)25.0 (2/8)12.5 (1/8)0.94111.8 (2/17)6.7 (1/15)1.000
  • Vaccination status: NV (pens hosting pigs from non-vaccinated sow farrowing batches) and V (pens hosting pigs from vaccinated sow farrowing batches). The P value refers to the comparisons between the individual farrowing batches, and the P* value to the comparisons between the summaries of the NV (a–c) and V (b–d) batches. Differences between batches were not statistically significant (P>0.05).

  • †Non-applicable due to insufficient number of observations.