Table 2

Production, health and medicine storage characteristics of the 27 participating farms

Property/CharacteristicsMedian or mean*Range (median) or sd (mean)*
Total herd size320119–1271
Number of cows in milk17565–600
Total annual milk volume (million litres)1.10.5–4
Total annual milk sales per cow (litres)75003600–11 300
Milk price (pence per litre)22.5*15.3*
Somatic cell count (cells per millilitre)176 407*50 466*
Bactoscan (1000 bacteria per millilitre)20.9*7.5*
Mastitis (cases per 100 cows per year)36.7*15.9*
Lameness (cases per 100 cows per year)22.2*15.3*
Respiratory disease (cases per 100 calves per year)100–47
GI disease (cases per 100 calves per year)103–59
Number of PVM present on farm (by active ingredient)199–35
Number of PVM present on farm (by medicine unit)10128–339
  • * indicates mean; GI, gastrointestinal; median, non-normally distributed data; mean, normally distributed data; PVM, prescription veterinary medicines.