Table 1:

Herd description and health management practices

Number of sows1000
Breed of sowsTopigs 20
Breed of boars for artificial inseminationPiétrain
Vaccination of sows
 Atrophic rhinitisRhiniseng (Hipra) four weeks before farrowing
Escherichia coli + Clostridium novyi/C perfringens type CSuiseng (Hipra) three weeks before farrowing
 PRRS(V)Ingelvac PRRS MLV (Boehringer) eight weeks before farrowing
 Swine influenza (type A)Gripovac 3 (Merial) six weeks before farrowing
Vaccination of gilts in quarantine unit
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniaeIngelvac MycoFLEX (Boehringer) upon entering the unit
 Parvovirus + Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiaeParvosuin-MR (Hipra) two times four weeks apart
 PCV2Ingelvac CircoFLEX (Boehringer) two times three weeks apart
 PRRS(V)Ingelvac PRRS MLV (Boehringer) once four weeks before breeding
 Swine influenza (type A)Gripovac 3 (Merial) two times three weeks apart
Medication of suckling pigsIron (Prolongal 200, Bayer) on day 3
Long-action ceftiofur (Readycef, Lab Calier) on day 3
Vaccination in the nursery unit (days 21–70)
 PRRS(V)Ingelvac PRRS MLV (Boehringer) on day 23
Medication in the nursery unit (days 21–70), before the initiation of the studyIn-feed apramycin (Apralan, Elanco) after weaning for 14 days
In-feed doxycycline (Doxyral 10%, Emdoka) and amoxicillin (Suramox 5%, Virbac) for the entire nursery period
  • PCV2, porcine circovirus type 2; PRRS(V), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.