Table 6

Performance parameters from three to ten weeks of age for the selected pigs originating from the non-vaccinated (NV; batches A and C) and vaccinated (V; batches B and D) farrowing batches (average±sd)

Performance parameters†Age (weeks)ABCDP valueA–C (NV)B–D (V)P* value
Average bodyweight (kg)35.03±1.125.46±1.095.12±1.085.50±1.160.6735.09±1.10A5.48±1.13B0.000
Weight gain (kg)3–1018.89±3.7920.32±3.8419.06±3.9819.21±4.250.05518.99±3.9019.66±4.120.628
ADG (g/pig/day)3–10356±72376±71353±74356±790.321354±73364±760.131
  • Data from batches A and C were summarised together, taking into account both nursery units (N1 and N2). Data from batches B and D were also  summarised together (for N2).

  • Vaccination status: NV (pigs originating from non-vaccinated sow farrowing batches) and V (pigs originating from vaccinated sow farrowing batches). Values with different superscripts within a row are significantly different (P<0.05 and P*<0.05). The P value refers to the comparisons between the individual farrowing batches and the P* value to the comparisons between the summaries of the NV (A–C) and V (B–D) batches.

  • †Average daily gain (ADG).