Table 4:

Per cent (number) of pigs with clinical signs of exudative epidermitis that received metaphylactic antimicrobial treatment (also representing morbidity rates)

Nursery unitNVVP value
Both units14.36 (523/3643)A6.50 (264/4061)B0.008
N17.00 (255/3643)n/an/a
N27.36 (268/3643)6.50 (264/4061)0.139
  • Rates were calculated according to the total number of animals included in the non-vaccinated (batches A and C) and vaccinated (batches B and D) farrowing batches upon transfer to the nursery units.

  • Vaccination status: NV (pigs originating from non-vaccinated sow farrowing batches) and V (pigs originating from vaccinated sow farrowing batches). Values with different superscripts within a row are significantly different (P<0.05).

  • n/a,┬ánon-applicable.