Number of respondents who are aware of biting insects present on the premises where they keep their horse(s), and the proportion of those who are aware of the presence of these insects correctly identifying images of the insects

InsectRespondents reporting they are aware of this insect on the yard where they keep their horse(s) (n=367)Number of these respondents correctly identifying insect
Mosquito132 (36.0%)105 (79.5%)
114* (86.4%)
Biting midge322 (87.7%)239 (74.2 %)
Stable fly132 (36.0%)100 (75.8 %)
Horse fly294 (80.1%)155 (52.7 %)
  • For each image options given were mosquito, biting midge, stable fly, horse fly, gnat, "I have never seen this before" and "I do not know".

  • *Including those using the term ’gnat' to describe a mosquito in the image.