Table 4

Bacteriological cure at pathogen level by treatment strategy at the time of the first follow-up check (day 7*)

Mastitis pathogensTreatment strategy
Individualised homeopathyPlaceboAntibiotic
n/n % n/n % n/n %
Streptococcusuberis (n=45)
 Pathogen change1/128.31/166.32/1711.8
Escherichia coli (n=16)
 Pathogen change2/633.32/540.01/520.0
Streptococcus dysgalactiae (n=13)
 Pathogen change0/30.00/30.01/714.3
  • Results are given in number of total cures out of cases treated (n/n) and in % of all cases treated.

  • *An evaluation of bacteriological cure rates at the time of the second/third follow-up check has not been performed due to low sample sizes (occurrence of non-responders and new infections at subsequent follow-up checks).

  • BacC, bacteriological cure (elimination of the pathogen present on day 0); NoBacC, no bacteriological cure (the pathogen on day 0 was still present in the udder); non-responders, cows with no clinical cure were rated as non-responsive to the treatment given.