Table 3

Cytological cure compared with day 0 by treatment strategy and time of examination

Day of examination and bacteriological status at day 0Treatment strategy
Individualised homeopathy (n=60)Placebo (n=60)Antibiotic (n=60)
n/n%n/n%n/n %
Day 7
 Positive (n=120)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml0/400.01/382.61/41*2.4
  SCC was lower18/4045.020/3852.634/4182.9
  SCC was higher7/4017.50/380.03/417.3
 Negative (n=60)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml2/2010.06/2227.33/1816.7
  SCC was lower13/2065.013/2259.113/1872.2
  SCC was higher4/2020.03/2213.62/1811.1
Day 14
 Positive (n=120)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml3/407.51/382.67/4216.7
  SCC was lower13/4032.515/3839.523/4254.8
  SCC was higher3/407.52/385.32/424.8
 Negative (n=60)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml5/2025.06/2227.37/1838.9
  SCC was lower12/2060.08/2236.48/1844.4
  SCC was higher0/200.04/2218.21/185.6
Day 28
 Positive (n=120)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml2/39†5.15/3813.29/4221.4
  SCC was lower13/3933.311/3828.917/4240.5
  SCC was higher0/390.01/382.61/422.4
 Negative (n=60)
  SCC<100,000 cells/ml6/19†31.68/2236.47/17†41.2
  SCC was lower7/1936.85/2222.76/1735.3
  SCC was higher2/1910.53/2213.60/170.0
  • Results are given in number of total cures out of cases treated (n/n) and in % of all cases treated.

  • *Low quantity of milk: SCC measurement was not possible.

  • †Early culling of one cow due to different reasons (dangerous handling, lameness, fertility disorder).

  • Non-responders, cows with no clinical cure were rated as non-responsive to the treatment given; SCC, somatic cell count.