Demonstrating how the animal population included in the total kgs treated calculation can influence the final value for total mg/kg

FarmTotal mgTotal number of adult milking cattleTotal weight of adult milking cattle using 600 kg standard weight (kg)Total number of youngstock <12 monthsTotal weight youngstock <12 months using 100 kg standard weight (kg)Antimicrobial use
Total mg/kg (including only adult milking cattle weight)Total mg/kg (including both adult milking cattle and youngstock weight)
51 000 00010060 0000016.716.7
61 000 00010060 00050500016.715.4
  • Here, both (hypothetical) farms have the same number of adult cattle, but farm 5 does not have youngstock; if only adult cattle are included in total kg then the total mg/kg are the same for both farms. If both adults and youngstock are included then total mg/kg is lower for farm 6 (which does have youngstock)