Demonstrating the impact different dose rates may have on the final defined daily dose (DDD) metric

MedicineDose rate (mg/kg)Total number of adult milking cattleTotal weight of adult milking cattle using
600 kg standard weight (kg)
Antimicrobial use
Total mgTotal mg/kgDDD
Tylosin4 (minimum)10060 0001 00 0001.670.42
Tylosin7 (mean)10060 0001 00 0001.670.24
Tylosin10 (maximum)10060 0001 00 0001.670.17
  • This table uses tylosin as an example, showing the difference in DDD when taking the minimum, mean or maximum recommended dose rate.30 Tylosin has a range of dose rates, resulting in a range of DDD values.