System D (modified from Donaldson and others and Valverde and others3 5)

Overall attitude1–Calm
3–Confused, dizzy
Move to sternal1–Smooth/methodical
2–Fighting mat, but controlled
3–Crashing, flopping over
Sternal phase1–An organised pause
3–Multiple, with struggle
Moved to sternal1–Methodical
2–An organised scramble
3–Used walls for support
4–Ricocheting off walls
Strength1–Near full
2–Mildly rubbery
3–Dog sitting before standing
4–Repeated attempts due to weakness
Number of attempts to standScore = #
Balance and coordination1–Solid
2–Moderate dancing
3–Reflex saves
5–Falls back down
2–Hindlimbs only
3–All four
Based on total score1–Smooth, calm
2–Calm but with some weakness, mild ataxia less than 10 minutes in duration
3–As 2 but ataxia more than 10 minutes in duration
4–Uncoordinated, with difficulties and ataxia, more than 3 attempts to stand
5–Difficult recovery, unable to stand in the first 5 attempts; ataxia that can last for more than 20 minutes