Table 5

Total cure rate by treatment strategy and time of examination

Day of examination and bacteriological status at day 0Treatment strategy
Individualised homeopathy (n = 60)Placebo (n=60)Antibiotic (n=60)
Positive (n=120)
 Day 70/40*0.01/382.61/422.4
 Day 143/407.51/382.65/4211.9
 Day 281/402.55/3813.29/4221.4
Negative (n=60)
 Day 72/2010.06/2227.33/1816.7
 Day 145/2025.06/2227.36/1833.3
 Day 285/2025.08/2236.45/1827.8
  • Results are given in number of total cures out of cases treated (n/n) and in % of all cases treated.

  • *Values in roman font did not differ significantly in total cure rates (P>0.05).

  • †Values in italics show significant differences in total cure rates (P<0.05).