Publications on poultry

Authors (year)SpeciesIndicationStudy designDiagnostic measureEffect of homeopathy?
Sandoval and others (1998)ChickenSalmonellosis treatmentRCT non-blindDT/CSYes: efficacy not significantly different to AB group
Velkers and others (2005)ChickenE coli diarrhoea preventionObservationalDT/CS/MNo: no difference compared to U control
Berchieri and others (2006)ChickenSalmonellosis (induced) preventionRCT non-blindDTYes: faecal excretion of Salmonella enteritidis significantly lower than in untreated control
Amalcaburio and others (2009)ChickenGrowth promotionRCT non-blindDT/MNo: no difference in growth speed or final weight compared to an untreated control
Hadipour and others (2011)ChickenGrowth promotionRCT non-blindDT/CS/MYes: higher growth rate, final weight and food conversion ratio compared to CON treatment (AB and vaccines)
Sato and others (2012)ChickenGrowth promotion and immune system improvement.RCT double-blindDT/CS/MYes: less mortality, increased productivity, a higher viability and a possible shunt to B lymphocyte activity and higher weight gain (only for females) than in U control
  • AB Antibiotics, CON Conventional treatment including antibiotics, CS Clinical Signs, DT Direct Test, IT Indirect Test, M Measurements, RCT Randomised controlled trial, U Untreated