Publications on pigs

Authors (year)SpeciesIndicationStudy designDiagnostic measureEffect of homeopathy?
Day (1984)SowsStillbirth preventionObservationalMYes: number of stillbirths decreased significantly compared to an untreated group
Seifert (1987)SowsMMA individualised treatmentRCT non-blindCS/MYes: less treatments needed to recover compared to allopathy. Average treatment duration was slightly shorter. Higher litter weight and lower piglet mortality
Drösemeier (1989)SowsMMA preventionRCT double-blindDT/CS/MNo: no difference on MMA infection rate compared to P or AB group
Schütte (1991) - trial 1PigsRespiratory tract diseases preventionRCT non-blindCSYes: HOM mix over 10 days lessens the sickness rate (18.1 per cent) in comparison to placebo (24,3 per cent), more effective than subtherapeutic AB dose (19.1 per cent) but less than therapeutic AB dose (10,4 to 8,3 per cent)
Schütte (1991) - trial 2PigsRespiratory tract diseases preventionRCT non-blindCSYes: HOM remedy had a significantly lower infection rate (17,7 per cent) than P (24,3 per cent) within a 5-day treatment double dosed
Guajardo-Bernal and others (1996)SowsGrowth promotionRCT single-blindMNo: no difference in birth weight of litters compared to P
Albrecht and Schütte (1999)PigletsGeneral and respiratory disease metaphylaxisObservationalCSYes: significantly effective when compared with the P and routine low-dose AB for reduction of disease and prevention of respiratory diseases, but not better than a therapeutic dose of AB
Schütte (2003)PigsHealth in generalObservationalCS/MYes: AB use could be reduced by 60 per cent (over 3 years) on participating farms
Soto and others (2008)PigletsPost-weaning diarrhoea and weight loss preventionRCT non-blindMIR: piglets treated with HOM had less weight loss as control group and less but not significant different to P. No statistical difference between food consumption or diarrhoea
Coelho and others (2009)PigletsE coli diarrhoea preventionRCT double-blindCS/MYes: highest weight gain and significant reduction of diarrhoea compared to AB control (but medical agent of AB is known to have high resistance to E coli)
Camerlink and others (2010)PigletsE coli diarrhoea preventionRCT single-blindDT/CSYes: less transmission and duration of disease shorter and less diarrhoea than in P group
Da Silva and others (2011)PigsGrowth promotionObservationalMIR: last of six measurements was higher, but at slaughter no significant weight differences found. Lack of a control group (and only five pigs per group)
  • AB Antibiotics, COM Combined treatment of homeopathy and antibiotics, CON Conventional treatment including antibiotics, CS Clinical signs, DT Direct test, HOM Homeopathy, IR Inconclusive results, IT Indirect test, M Measurements, P Placebo, RCT Randomised controlled trial, U Untreated