ORs (robust 95% CI) derived from univariable logistic regression models, including explanatory variables associated with the probability of a calf suffering an episode of either diarrhoea or pneumonia

Explanatory variableOR95% CIP value
Outcome variable: episode of diarrhoea
 Feeding group (ad libitum v restricted milk replacer)3.861.45–10.280.007
 Dam parity (primiparous v multiparous)1.410.64–3.120.40
 Colostrum quality (%)1.0040.90–1.110.94
 Plasma total protein (g/l)1.350.83–2.200.26
 Birth weight (kg)0.980.91–1.050.55
Outcome variable: episode of pneumonia
 Feeding group (ad libitum v restricted milk replacer)5.81.35–24.860.018
 Dam parity (primiparous v multiparous)1.400.61–3.240.13
 Colostrum quality (%)1.020.95–1.100.55
 Plasma total protein (g/l)1.010.68–1.500.94
 Birth weight (kg)0.980.91–1.060.62
 Group size (per one calf increase in group size)1.180.72–1.920.51