Results of the physical and lateral skull and lateral abdominal radiographic examination in 167 pet rabbits

n*%Gender (n)Age (n)
FemaleMale<3 years≥3 years
Grade 25231.129233319
Grade 363.61515
Grades 4 and 595.45418
Deformities of the vertebral column3018.015151713
Degenerative lesions of the vertebral column2615.61412422
Skin diseases2816.814141711
Eye disorders127.24839
Lesions of the nasal cavity106.04444
Incisor/peg teeth malocclusion/hypodontia74.22341
Healed fracture31.82112
Mass in the uterus21.22002
Renal calcification/stones21.21102
  • Some rabbits had several findings and are included in more than one disease group

  • *n=Number of rabbits

  • †Other: tendon rupture (1), nail injury (1), torticollis (1), inguinal hernia (1), nasal discharge (1), cachexia (1), sneezing (1), heat murmur (1), arrhythmia (1), calcified mass in the abdomen (1), calcified lesion in the liver (1), gas shadow in the stomach (1), enlarged liver (1), calcification of the aorta (1), sediment in the bladder (1), gas and fluid filled stomach with calcified particles (1)

  • PSADD, progressive syndrome of acquired dental disease