The expected number of OTFW herd incidents by year and cumulatively within areas with 200 annually tested herds, baseline incidence of confirmed herd TB incidents of 0.15 per herd per annum and impacts of culling as the estimates presented in Table 1

Expected confirmed herd TB incidents by yearCumulative expected confirmed herd TB incidents
Comparison area (YCO)Culling area (YCU)Comparison area (YCO)Culling area (YCU)
Year 13028.9Year 13028.9
Year 23026.1Years 1–26055.0
Year 33018.2Years 1–39073.2
Year 43020.5Years 1–412093.8
  • CO, comparison; CU, culling; OTFW, official TB-free status of the herd withdrawn; TB, tuberculosis