Sample sizes and outcomes

Trialn start (h)n start (p)n start (total)n end (h)n end (p)n end (total)Attrition (per cent)Main outcomeProblem with main outcome?Main outcome used for data extractionEndpointNotes
Individualised homeopathy/treatment
A012116372116370.0Acute mastitis scoreNo (though sd calculated from 95 per cent CI data, using t-distribution)Acute mastitis scoreSeven days
A02584310158431010.0Totally cured quartersNoTotally cured quartersSeven daysn=number of udder quarters
Non-individualised homeopathy/treatment
A052424482420448.3Duration of diarrhoeaYes: sds not given, but common sd calculated from CI data (assuming 95% CI)Duration of diarrhoeaUp to eight days
A096101669156.3Animals with 'pasty' stoolsNoAnimals with 'pasty' stools48 hoursAuthors did not carry out formal statistical analysis of data
A043540753438724.0Improved (that is reduced) fear responseNoImproved (that is reduced) fear responseFour weeks
A111823411823410.0Presence of uterine contractionNoPresence of uterine contraction20 minutes after treatmentContractions after birth of first piglet. n=1 excluded from homeopathy group (repeat measurement of placebo group animal)
A067670146585611421.9Gestating cowsNoGestating cows200 days post-partum
A2860309050267615.6Held to first serviceNo (original percentage data used for calculation of odds ratios)Held to first serviceNot statedn for homeopathy is total for two homeopathically treated groups. It was assumed that a total of 120 cows were randomised to four equal groups
A03Data not givenData not given416Data not givenData not given30626.4Bacterial cell countsYes, data not givenNone usable37 daysn reflects number of quarters, not number of animals
A087676152686713511.2Somatic cell counts (only outcome recorded)Yes, sd not available (logarithmic data)None usable28 days
A10525210451521031.0Unaffected quartersNoUnaffected quarters30 daysn=number of udder quarters. Unaffected quarters identified by CMT
A0717173414152914.7Improved mobility indexNoImproved mobility indexEight weeksAssumes that total n=51 was divided equally into three groups
Non-individualised homeopathy/prophylaxis
A234172006174172006170.0Absence of endometritisNoAbsence of endometritis21 to 27 days
A242626522426503.8Absence of diarrhoeaNoAbsence of diarrhoea per litterOne weekThe sows were treated. n=number of litters
A263940793940790.0Piglets' final bodyweightYes: sd not given, but common sd calculated from conservative P=0.049Piglets' final bodyweight30 days
A224804809604804809600.0Absence of respiratory tract diseaseNoAbsence of respiratory tract disease11 days
A25Not statedNot stated19Not statedNot stated190.0Plasma glucoseYes, data not givenNone usableThree weeks after parturitionAssumes that half of the 38 randomised animals received homeopathy or placebo. 'Main outcome' decided on coin toss
A27943112594311250.0ParturitionNoParturitionNot statedSperm was treated
  • CI Confidence interval, CMT California mastitis test, h Homeopathy group(s), n Number, p Placebo group(s), sd Standard deviation