Table 1:

Performance of the interferon-gamma DIVA test

BCG vaccinated/experimentally infected
Number positive/total72/7570/75
Sensitivity (per cent)96.0393.33
95 per cent confidence interval88.77–99.1785.15–97.8
BCG vaccinated/not infected
Number positive/total8/17951/179
Specificity (per cent)95.5371.51
95 per cent confidence interval91.38–98.0564.36–78.01
Field reactors
Number positive/total104/115110/115
Sensitivity (per cent)90.4395.65
95 per cent confidence interval83.54–95.1290.15–98.57
Number positive/total9/69110/691
Specificity (per cent)98.7098.55
95 per cent confidence interval97.55–99.4097.35-99.30
  • a Using the DIVA antigens ESAT-6/CFP-10 and/or Rv3615c, b Using bovine and avian tuberculins