The Pet Rabbit Pododermatitis Scoring System (PRPSS) developed for clinical assessment of hock lesions

Grading scaleMacroscopic description
Grade 0No lesions
Grade 1A small, circular area on the plantar aspect of the metatarsal bone-calcaneus (mono or bilateral lesions), with minimal alopecia, minimal epidermal hyperaemia and/or hyperkeratosis of the skin, but with no evidence of infection or bleeding of underlying tissues
Grade 2Circumscribed area of varying sizelocalised at the caudal plantar aspect of the metatarsal-calcaneal area or extending linearly along the plantar aspect of the cranial metatarsal area with alopecia, erythema and scaling of surrounding tissues
Grade 3Area of varying size focally ulcerated and with varying degree of keratinisation abnormalities. Infection of subcutaneous tissue present
Grade 4Full-thickness skin loss with swelling and necrotic debris may be present with infection of underlying tissues. Purulent exudates may be adherent to the lesions
Grade 5Severe infections with involvement of deep structures including bones and tendons with tenosynovitis, osteomyelitis and arthritis
Grade 6End-stage disease with loss of pedal function