Table 1

Some of the age-related diseases associated with polydipsia, weight loss or reduced willingness to exercise

PolydipsiaWeight lossReduced willingness to exercise
Renal failureNeoplasiaOsteoarthritis
PyelonephritisRenal failureHeart failure
Nephrotic syndromeHeart failureRespiratory disease
Diabetes mellitusLiver failureLoss of sensory input, for example, vision
Liver diseaseDiabetes mellitusCognitive disorders
Neoplasia (with paraneoplastic syndrome)Inflammatory bowel diseaseMuscle weakness/myopathy
Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's syndrome)PancreatitisAbdominal distension/masses
PyometraTriad syndrome in catsPyometra
Hyperthyroidism (especially cats)