Table 2

Results of TLI, cPLI, amylase and lipase analysis in 14 dogs with histologically confirmed chronic pancreatitis

CaseTime of presentation after T0 (first visit)TLI (ng/ml)*cPLI (ng/ml)Amylase (U/l) (reference 167–1126)Lipase (U/l) (reference 0–250)
1Five months: routine re-check2.4747
Two years, eight months: emergency re-visit acute HGE (histology of pancreas 1.5 years later at postmortem examination – very end-stage disease)2.553067437
2T0: investigation of suspect pancreatic mass (surgical pancreatic biopsy taken on this visit)221400107
One month: revisit for ultrasound-guided trucut biopsy of liver1270259
Two months3437
Seven months14.1177
3T0: Investigate abdominal pain (surgical pancreatic biopsy taken on this visit)6.159139381475
4T0: investigate cachexia, gastrointestinal problems (surgical pancreatic biopsy taken by primary veterinary surgeon a few days before)5.215741527
One month: routine re-check1.6605655
Three months: re-check as developed nasal discharge2.7
5T0: investigate suspected DM5.42761690359
Two months: routine re-check>50
Five months1.8
One year, two months: blood sampling by primary veterinary surgeon2.8
One year, 10 months: re-examine: investigate liver (histology of pancreas at postmortem two weeks later)3.41262Lipaemic
6T0: investigate suspected EPI (surgical pancreatic biopsy four months before this visit)<1.58.680769
7T0: investigate anorexia26942926
Four months; histology of pancreas 20 months later at PM201812917
One month<1.53411600
Seven months; surgical pancreatic biopsy by primary veterinary surgeon 10 days after this visit<1.5<0.7
9T0: dog had concurrent HAC; surgical pancreatic biopsy, by primary veterinary surgeon one month before this visit2255319512124
10T0: surgical pancreatic biopsies7.1196
One month184
Four months5.1761601149
11T0: elevated urea and creatinine: reduced renal clearance may have falsely elevated enzymes (PM on this visit)785910,120
12T0: PD/PU; newly diagnosed DM43748
One month471641282294
2.5 months129
Five months29
6.5 months; pancreatic histology at PM 18 months later1831201
13T0: investigate lethargy. PD/PU and raised liver enzymes899191
Four years: re-check (pancreatic histology at PM six months after this visit)>5004390>600
14T0: investigate depression, vomiting and anorexia (urea and creatinine normal in this visit)>5033316,23614,152
Two years: investigate vomiting, anorexia and abdominal mass. Very elevated urea and creatinine: (PM on this visit)>50>1000§3762>600
  • * TLI <2.5 ng/ml EPI, 2.5 to 5 ng/ml Indeterminate, >35 ng/ml Pancreatitis (elevated values are bold)

  • cPLI 2.2 to 102 ng/ml Normal, 102 to 200 ng/ml Indeterminate, >200 ng/ml Pancreatitis (elevated values are bold)

  • Two results: first >50 ng/ml but lipaemia; seven days later cleared with heparin and 1.6 ng/ml

  • § New reference range: >400 ng/ml Pancreatitis

  • cPLI Canine pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity, DM Diabetes mellitus, EPI Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, HAC Hyperadrenocorticism, HGE Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, PD/PU Polydipsia-polyuria, PM Postmortem examination, TLI Trypsin-like immunoreactivity