Table 1

Signalment and clinical signs of 14 dogs with histologically confirmed chronic pancreatitis

CaseAge, sex, breedReason for referralHistoryDM and or EPI?Other diseases?Body condition at T0Length of follow-up*
1Nine years, FN, Cavalier King Charles spanielUnstable DMOccasional colitis and frequent borborygmi and eats grass. Main problems: hypoglycaemic attacks on protamine zinc insulinDM (treated) for two years, EPI diagnosed 17 months laterBilateral KCS. Much tartar and periodontal gingivitis (maybe a dry mouth too)Slightly thinFour years
2Five years, FN, collie crossPancreatic mass found at surgery on the tip of the left limbChronic history for years of intermittent anorexia. Recent vomiting, lethargy, fever and apparent abdominal massNoNoOverweightThree years
313.5 years, MN, Jack Russell terrier crossPD/PU and GI signsOne-month PD/PU. Positive ACTH stimulation test. No other signs of HAC. No response to treatment. Also abdominal pain, intermittent vomiting and diarrhoeaNoNoNormalLost to follow-up
410 years and nine months, ME, German shepherd dogSevere GI disease and cachexia postsurgeryLong history of diarrhoea if diet changed. Three weeks of vomiting. Referring vet took multiple biopsies at laparotomy four weeks before and diagnosed IBD. Dog worse on steroids and improved as they were reducedEPI only but due to PAA; subclinical until referralConcurrent eosinophilic enteritis and endocarditis postsurgeryThinOne year
5Seven years, MN, cocker spanielGI signs and PD/PUTwo-month history of vomiting and diarrhoea. Much more severe last few days and sudden onset PD/PUNewly developed DM on admission (not DKA). EPI developed five months later.Bilateral KCS diagnosed on first visitThinTwo years
6Five years, MN, cocker spanielWeight lossNo clinical signs until four months before referral: acute-onset vomiting and jaundice. Biliary obstruction diagnosed plus surgical stenting at another referral practiceEPI on admission; DM never developedBiliary obstructionSlightly thin15 months
712 years, FN, Labrador crossGI signsFour years of intermittent vomiting, abdominal pain, PD/PU, mild fever and licking lips; some response to ranitidine, sucralfate and antepsinNoGeneralised progressive peripheral neuropathy of unknown causeThinTwo years
8Eight years, FN, Cavalier King Charles spanielSuspected side effects of antiepileptic drugsEpilepsy (cluster seizures) started a year ago. Treated with phenobarbitone plus bromide. Polyphagia since starting bromide and weight loss last three weeksEPI on admission; DM never developedMitral valve disease and epilepsyThinOne year
912 years and two months, MN, Jack Russell terrierSuspected HAC and GI signsPD/PU two months. Diarrhoea for years. No vomiting. Abdominal pain on palpation. Pot bellied, poor hair re-growth from skin surgery sites from two months previously and hair easily epilatedNoHACNormal18 months
10Eight years, FN, cocker spanielPD/PU and back painPD/PU for over a year and polyphagia without weight loss. Back pain and hindleg weakness (but spinal MRI unremarkable). Two normal ACTH stimulation tests performed before referralEPI clinically four months later (soft, voluminous faeces, response to enzyme) but normal TLI DM two years laterNoSlightly overweightTwo years
11Seven years, MN, cocker spanielCollapseOne-month history of PD/PU, vomiting, lethargy and fever. Owner reported ‘always had sensitive stomach’DKA on admissionNoThinDied on admission
1210.5 years, ME, Pomeranian cross SheltieSudden onset PD/PUFive-year history of intermittent depression, anorexia and diarrhoea with fresh blood responding to supportive therapyNewly diagnosed DM on admissionRecurrent prostatitis treated with antibiotics, delmadinone acetate (Tardak; Pfizer) and non-steroidalsOverweight18 months
1311 years, FN, Bichon FriseLethargy, PD/PU, raised liver enzymes, acute vomiting 10 days beforeLong history of raised biliary enzymes plus very picky appetite. Recent PD/PUNoMild mitral valve disease; no congestive heart failureOverweight4.5 years
14Nine years, FN, cocker spanielOne month vomiting, depression and anorexiaPosthepatic jaundice due to pancreatitis. Thrombus in portal vein found on first visit. Long history of skin problems; no specific diagnosisNoKCSNormal on first visit. Thin on second visitTwo years
  • * See Table 4 for further follow-up information

  • ACTH Adrenocorticotropic hormone, DKA Diabetic ketoacidosis, DM Diabetes mellitus, EPI Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, FN Female neutered, GI Gastrointestinal, HAC Hyperadrenocorticism, IBD Inflammatory bowel disease, KCS Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, ME Male entire, MN Male neutered, PAA Pancreatic acinar atrophy, PDPU Polydipsia-polyuria, TLI Trypsin-like immunoreactivity