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Porcine atrophic rhinitis: snout radiography as an aid to diagnosis and detection of the disease
  1. JT Done


Snout radiography is a useful and practicable aid to the diagnosis of atrophic rhinitis. It is also a fairly reliable means of detecting and measuring turbinate atrophy and distortion of the septum nasi in the live pig. Suitable physical and pharmacological methods of restraining pigs for snout radiography are described and guide lines for producing satisfactory, standard snout radiographs are given. Parameters and criteria are recommended for qualitative and quantitative methods of interpreting snout radiographs. The quantitative scoring system approximates the macroscopic post mortem snout scoring system generally employed in Britain and provides data which might be used in genetic or other control programmes. Radiographic standards are tentatively suggested for certifying pigs free from gross lesions of atrophic rhinitis for sale or export purposes.

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