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Exposure to Br abortus in veterinary undergraduates and graduates
  1. HR Cayton,
  2. AD Osborne and
  3. DG Sylvester


Serial Brucella agglutination tests were carried out on veterinary students at Bristol University between 1962 and 1968. A steady rise in the number of those with a significant positive titre was demonstrated in undergraduates and this was related to an increased exposure to farm livestock as their course progressed. A much larger proportion of individuals showed a significant titre in the period following graduation. While only 8-9 per cent of students in the first year of their course showed a significant titre, 49-5 per cent gave a serological response at 1/80 dilution or greater, within five years ofgraduation and of those in predominantly large animal practice almost 60 per cent showed this response. Only 7 per cent of those with a significant rise in titre reported symptoms suggestive of clinical disease.

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