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Age detection by radiography in Hereford cross Friesian steers
  1. AH Andrews


The mandibles of 78 Hereford cross Friesian steers all showing a full complement of temporary teeth were examined both visually and by radiography to determine whether it was possible to differentiate their various ages. All but one animal were slaughtered at the same weight (1020 lb-464 kg) and their ages at slaughter ranged from 1 year 3 months to 1 year 9 months. Differences were found between the mean ages for stages of resorption of the first temporary incisor roots, stages of first permanent incisor root formation and stages of second incisor crown formation, as determined by radiographic inspection. The results indicated that the age of a group of animals could be defined, but the age range within each development stage meant that it was not possible to define the age of individual cattle.

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