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Atrophic rhinitis of pigs: abattoir studies
  1. RH Penny and
  2. PA Mullen


The snouts of 2701 pork, bacon and heavy pigs killed at five abattoirs in England and Scotland during March to July 1974 were examined for evidence of atrophic rhinitis. Lesions were graded 1 to 5 according to severity. Suspicious lesions were present in 75-7 per cent of the sample. There was obvious atrophy of the turbinates in 44-7 per cent (grade 2 to 5) and severe atrophy in 17-5 per cent (grades 3 to 5). Foreign bodies were found in or between the posterior cheek teeth of 5-3 per cent of the sample. There was frequently an associated gingivitis. Other lesions seen included black discolouration of the teeth, severe tooth wear and osteoarthrosis of the temporomandibular joint. It was concluded that the incidence of atrophic rhinitis could have increased markedly since the last survey of the United Kingdom was undertaken in 1956/57 and some form of disease-monitoring service was urgently needed.

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