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Taskforce reined in

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The RCVS was forced to hold an emergency ‘short-notice’ council meeting last month at which remote prescribing was discussed.

It followed concern about a decision taken by the Covid-19 taskforce to extend remote prescribing until mid-January 2021.

Some council members have been very concerned about the taskforce making decisions outwith normal governance structures. They have been critical of the lack of explanation or rationale behind the multiple extensions of remote prescribing (VR, 19/26 September 2020, vol 187, p 206).

The hastily convened meeting took place in private on 21 September.

Former RCVS president Neil Smith proposed a motion that the taskforce’s latest extension be in effect quashed and that the issue be discussed at the next council meeting, scheduled for 8 October. The motion was put to a vote, which resulted in a tie. RCVS president Mandisa Greene had the casting vote and voted in favour, so the motion was carried.

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