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Should prescribing changes be kept?

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By Josh Loeb

The chief executive of the RCVS has spoken about being ‘under pressure from both sides’ over remote prescribing.

Lizzie Lockett (pictured) said some stakeholders were clamouring for pandemic-related changes to be made permanent, while others lobbied for a return to the status quo ante.

She said the profession had to ask itself what was best for animal health and welfare, in addition to questions about accessibility of care and public health, when weighing up whether to retain changes to allow a greater degree of telemedicine in the UK.

‘We’ve heard this phrase “we’ve kind of let the genie out of the bottle” or “we’ve opened Pandora’s box” on remote prescribing and can we go back? I suppose the first question has to be, do we want to [go back]?’ she said.

While the college ‘shouldn’t be afraid to go back [to the previous state of affairs] if that’s genuinely the right thing to do’, she said it should come to a considered judgement.

Change may have been quick but reflection should be measured

Speaking during a …

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