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Reforming the RCVS disciplinary process

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By Josh Loeb

Fresh details have emerged of a package of measures to reform RCVS disciplinary procedures.

Under the proposals, some minor cases of suspected misconduct – which include those involving minor convictions, failing to pay indemnity insurance and social media gaffes – could be dealt with outside of full disciplinary hearings for the first time.

The idea is significant because the number of disciplinary hearings involving relatively minor matters has been rising year-on-year for the past four years.

The RCVS is understood to be reviewing the full costs of cases, at various stages of the disciplinary process, with the intention of feeding data into a wider review that would also analyse outcomes.

Early-stage proposals, so far only discussed by the RCVS council in private, could see ‘charter cases’ dealt with outside of full disciplinary hearings.

These are cases that cross the threshold for a disciplinary hearing but …

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